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We provide you with fast and easy bulk emailing services that are fully compliant with the CAN SPAM laws. We have a wide audience of individuals who have granted us permission to send them promotional email messages. You can leverage our database to increase sales, leads or registrations on your own website. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to start an email marketing campaign.

Why use our services?

42px provides fast, affordable emailing for marketers with CAN-SPAM compliant opt-in lists. Email provides up to 600% ROI or better and with a targeted list you can expect to make as much as six times back on the cost of mailing. We send your approved email to our own lists which, giving you the opportunity to reach millions of people with your message at a price that is well below that of traditional media.

Can you send email to my own email list?

We no longer accept user-submitted lists because we have no control over the methods used to acquire such lists. Instead we send email on your behalf to our own lists which are true opt-in.

What is your inbox rate?

We are whitelisted with major ISPs to ensure high delivery rates, however the content of your email message is still subject to filtering. If you are using "spammy" words or blacklisted URLs, your email may end up in the spam folder or bouncing altogether. We reserve the right to reject any email messages we deem to be spam.

How do I know you will actually send email and not just take our money?

Fair question, but if you were using Google AdWords how do you know that the clicks you are getting are real potential customers and not competitors? The fact is that we have been in the business for many years and we did not stay in business by ripping off our clients. There is no such thing as "email click fraud", which means that the clicks you do get from us are fully qualified, real people interested in your message.

Will you send political messages or "hate" speech?

We can and do run political campaigns quite often, and we view the silly label of "hate speech" as an attempt by some to stifle and suppress free expression. Any campaigns which are in line with the First Amendment are fair game for our consideration.

What are your prices?

We charge a CPM rate based on the volume of messages sent. This means you pay a small amount for every 1,000 messages sent on your behalf. Campaigns must be pre-paid in full.

Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee to send out the email message you provide to our list in the volume that you pay for, however the response you get cannot be guaranteed.

Are there any discounts?

We offer reduced rates for increased volumes. We also offer discounts to non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more details.

Can I get a refund?

Once your campaign is sent there are no refunds for any reason whatsoever. If we stop your campaign before all messages have been sent, we may refund the unsent portion at our discretion.

What do you need from me to get started?

To get started please contact us by email and let us know what kind of message you would like to send and how many people you would like to reach. Our minimum is campaign is 100K messages.

How can I contact you?

If you are interested in emailing your opt-in email list, you may contact us by email or by Instant Message to get started. A price quote will be provided based on the volume of email you need to send.

Email: service -AT- 42px . net
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AIM, MSN, Skype: es42px
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